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Six things to do with yourself now that it’s spring

By Kaylie Flannigan
Staff Writer

pic of simmons in the spring

Photo: Lisa Nault

This winter, Boston broke snow records, which forced a lot of us into hiding, hibernation out of necessity, and an intense Netflix habit worsened by an abundance of icy precipitation.

But now that a lot of the snow is gone and the weather is nominally improving, here are some things to do that don’t include hiding away from the world with your cat (that’s still totally fine year-round; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

1. Sit on the grass
Remember that green springy stuff that’s around in weird places instead of concrete? Yes, that! Grass. If you can manage not to think about all the dogs that have lifted a leg or two there, it’s a fun place to sit and get homework done or even read a book for fun.

2. Run or walk
Hibernation time is technically over, so this will be a fun way to stretch out, exercise, and feel more awake and happy. Now you can run or walk without the pain of wind as a consequence for choosing to do an outdoor activity.

3. Rent a bike
Those hub rentals are always so fun when the sun is shining. Especially right along the esplanade for that scenic view.

4. Watch the squirrels
Whenever squirrels run around doing weird things, I smile. And I feel like now that finals are coming around the corner, everyone could use a smile. Squirrels are an unofficial mascot for many college campuses, especially in the spring. Watching them scamper can be a good break in an otherwise busy day.

5. Go out for a meal with a friend
Now you don’t have to brave the wind to find a cute coffee shop to catch up with friends. You all can meet somewhere and not hate traveling there in the freezing cold. Go discover a new favorite homework hangout.

6. Explore!
From the South End to the gardens to the shore, it’s a blast to discover new places all around. Feel free to go alone or with strangers, pets, or friends.

Spring is finally approaching and all of those happy feelings of sun are returning. Make the most of it, frolic and enjoy!