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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I’m writing today to express my frustration and concern about Simmons’ decision to have a full day of school today.

Undoubtedly, the last couple of snow days have really messed up the schedule of many classes being run this semester.

As with any day off, there were probably many who were overjoyed to have the day off. On the other hand a lot of people, faculty and students alike, are probably annoyed and frustrated by the delay all the missed days have caused.

But it’s easy to forget that snow days aren’t just called to give people a chance to build snowmen and drink hot chocolate. When you’re a professor eager to get moving along with the syllabus, and a student stressing about missed class days and getting behind on work, it’s easy to forget the real reason behind calling off school. Snow days and delays are called for safety reasons.

As a commuter who had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. to shovel her car out of 12 inches of snow to make it to her class on time today (Tuesday), driving down miles of unplowed and unsafe back roads on the way, I am not happy that Simmons didn’t even decide to delay classes today. I am not happy that Simmons chose not to prioritize the safety of their faculty, staff, and students.

I know what the Office of Student Life is saying right now, that I didn’t have to come in if I felt unsafe driving, and that they would have supported that decision in any way they could. But the reality is that I had classes today that I couldn’t miss, and having “support” from the Office of Student Life doesn’t help any when I fall behind in my work.

As it were, many morning classes were cancelled today because professors were unable to make it in to school.

Boston Public Schools were cancelled today. Mayor Marty Walsh gave the following statement about his decision: “We already have 12 inches of snow on the ground and up to six more inches coming, on top of the snow from last week’s blizzard. The safety of our children and families in Boston is always our top priority.”

I wish Simmons had given more consideration to the safety of their community of commuters this morning. I wish I didn’t have to spend the first five hours of my morning covered in snow working to dig my almost buried-car out from between six foot piles of snow, and then driving—white-knuckled—down roads that were unfit to be on.

Realistically, not cancelling classes forces students who care about their schoolwork to come in to school whether they feel safe or not, lest their performance and grades suffer. Simmons should have taken their cue from the Mayor—who is definitely not a bad role model to follow—and thought of safety first.


A Concerned Commuter

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