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Double standards for domestic violence

By Danielle Souza
Contributing Writer

Is it appropriate for a football player to be beating his child?

This controversial question has been all over the media lately. This question has specifically been raised regarding the football player Adrian Peterson, who beat his son outside his home with a tree branch.

Peterson’s main comment to the media was that “This was the culture I grew up in, and this is how I chooses to discipline my son.” This is no excuse, I believe that Peterson should be asked to leave the NFL permanently.

Whether you are a professional athlete, singer, or actress, you choose to assume a role where your personal life is open to both the media and the public 24/7.  Peterson chose to become a professional athlete, and accepted all the consequences that came with becoming a professional athlete.

Peterson got caught in the act of beating up his child, in fact, he already has a past record of beating up his other child. On a previous occasion, Peterson whipped his other child, leaving various marks all over his body.

I don’t believe that this is something that deserves a second chance. I believe trying to use the excuse of your personal upbringing, is not acceptable. I don’t believe that anything Peterson can say can excuse both his actions and choices he made regarding his son.

If the NFL keeps Peterson on the Minnesota Vikings, they are setting a terrible example to the public of the types of actions they will accept.

I asked another student at Simmons College their personal feelings on the case. Deanna Cardona, a Simmons junior, said “ I don’t believe a person who beats their child should continue to play in the NFL, and act as a role model to  young children.”

If they choose to suspend Ray Rice from the NFL for beating his wife in an elevator, they have no reason not to suspend Peterson for shamelessly beating up his child with a branch.
The NFL really needs to think more about what is morally correct, versus what will make them a lot of money.   

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