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By Briana Hayes
Staff Writer

Another year at Simmons means another year full of fun, exciting and fitness-full events hosted and run by Fit@Simmons.

Fit@Simmons has a new student director, Alie Hill, and a new student assistant, Alex Papale.

Alie was the student assistant last year so she has experience, and Alex, who is new leadership to the program, will surly bring innovative ideas.

The weekly Fit@Simmons classes are being held on Tuesdays from 5 to 6pm. These events are energetic and comprised of various types of exercise, such as kickboxing, circuit workouts, and HIIT.

The classes offer a variety of workouts and physical activity that appeal to many people. Most importantly, any level of experience is invited.

In addition, the Fit@Simmons Bike Club hosts weekly spin bike classes on the third floor of the Holmes Sports Center. Spinning combines endurance, increments, and resistance in one complete workout.

Weekly yoga classes are held every Wednesday night to unwind and relax with Simmons student Amy Thornton. Yoga increases flexibility and improves mental health.

Fit@Simmons also hosts and participates in special events that revolve around fitness and exercise. One of these events was Hub on Wheels, which happened on Sept. 21.

Hub on Wheels is a city-wide bike ride that occurs every year and requires its participants to ride either a 10, 30, or 50-mile routes.

According to Alie, “Hub on Wheels was very sucessful. It was perfect weather for the ride and four people from Simmons rode; Melissa Tanguay, Madison Rivard, Hannah Russell, and Kati Ripaldi. Hannah and Kati did the 10-mile course, Madison did the 30-mile course and Melissa did the 50-mile course!”

The bike ride begins on Storrow Drive and is the perfect example of fun Fit@Simmons event.

Another new and exciting happening at Fit@Simmons is a bi-weekly weight lifting and training class on Thursdays. This class is going to be taught by Ali Lamb, a certified personal trainer through NETA, and a Simmons student.

According to Ali, “The class is going to be mostly based on what the participants want out of it, so if they want to know how to use the machines and how to perform exercises correctly, I can show them that, but I can also give them ideas of workouts to do if they’d like some more guidance or in-depth knowledge of weight training.” Ali has her mind set on making sure the participants understand how to use the machines and the techniques.

Ali also said, “If they come regularly, I can track their progress as a personal trainer would with individual clients.” As a personal trainer, her knowledge of fitness will allow participants to do a usually intimidating work-out in a safe environment.

Fit@Simmons is also hosting a kayaking trip on the Charles River on Sunday, Sept. 28. The trip will include a brief instruction period and will cost $5 per person.

Kayaking is a great way to take in the upcoming fall foliage along the scenic Charles while exercising.

Different forms of exercise, such as kayaking or slacklining, are goals of Fit@Simmons. This allows students who normally do not work out but want to try something new an opportunity to participate in physical activity.

Fit@Simmons is always looking for more participants at any level. In addition, if you would like more information on taking or teaching a class, you can contact or

It is always fun to learn a new way to exercise with your friends, and Fit@Simmons provides the opportunity to do so.