Simmons students reflect on REEF Center’s Fresh Food Truck events

The REEF Center is hoping to have the truck running once a month from February to April.

Alli Dudas, Contributing Writer

Simmons University’s REEF Support Center introduced a Fresh Food Truck event this semester to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to Simmons students. 

REEF, which stands for Resilience, Efficacy, and Empowerment through Fundamental support services, is Simmons’ center for undergraduate, graduate, and online student support that serves to aid students by dismantling barriers to support systems.

The first event was held on Academic Campus on September 13 and saw popularity among the student body, according to REEF representative and Simmons junior Erin Pollard. 

The second event on October 11 had even higher attendance, as stated by Pollard. While the Voice was not given an exact attendance number, Pollard is confident that the truck is providing a much-needed service to students in need of discounted food.

The Fresh Food Truck is an independent company that provides service all around Boston. It was brought to Simmons by REEF’s Matoaka Kipp in an attempt to help students have cheaper and easier access to healthy foods they might not otherwise have, stated Pollard, a social work major, in an interview. “We brought it in because college students are a population that could really utilize this resource,” she said.

The junior stated that her own experience with the food truck has been enjoyable. She said she was happy with the turnout- especially the second event in October, which gained traction due to the popularity of the first. She was excited to share the food truck opportunity with students at the university, saying it is exactly what the student body needs in a time so immersed with the stress of academics.

$10 voucher coupons were provided to anyone who signed up ahead of the scheduled event. The coupons provide students with free produce and can be found in the REEF Center in room A-075 of the Main College Building. While the truck was originally meant for commuter students, Pollard said it was opened to everyone after an excess of produce left over. “It will stay open to residential students, Food Advocate Pollard stated.

Going forward into next semester, the REEF representative made it clear that the Fresh Food Truck is something both the REEF Support Center and students want to keep doing as a way to give back to the community. The REEF Center is hoping to have the truck running once a month from February to April. Future dates will be shared by REEF closer to event days.

“Use it even if you think you don’t need it,” claimed the REEF worker. “If everyone saved it for someone who needs it more, no one would be taking advantage of this great opportunity.”

Commuter student, junior, and College-of-the-Fenway flag football member Sadie Cotler has utilized the Fresh Food Truck on both occasions.

Cotler stated that she believes the emails and Instagram posts were sufficient in advertising the opportunity. She plans to continue going to all future event dates. “It shows they care enough to offer us some sort of resource, especially commuter students like me who already have to worry about rent and bills,” the commuter stated.

Simmons senior and residential student Maisy Talbot, has visited the food truck on one occasion, saying she heard about it from a friend on campus. She said her experience was great, noting that the line was quick to move and showed how well-managed the truck was. The senate member stated that “the workers were very friendly,” going on to say that the kindness made her “more inclined to visit again.”

“It feels nice to see that they are putting energy back into the students and showing some sort of appreciation for us,” remarked Talbot. 

The Fresh Food Truck’s calendar can be found in the REEF Center Office in A-075, along with additional resources on the Truck and all REEF-related resources. REEF can also be found on Instagram @simmonsreef and frequently posts updates on events and important student resource information.