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One more thing in the Apple store

By Briana Hayes
Staff Writer

After the highly anticipated release of the next iPhone, Apple released a lot more than just the next phone that will be at the reach of nearly everyone’s fingertips.

Apple and Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed two new versions of the iPhone. At first glance, there is an apparent difference in the screen size because Apple is attempting to catch up to its competitors such as Samsung, which sells smartphones with bigger screens than previous iPhones.

The two new iPhones are named the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+.  The screen sizes have been increased to 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively.

Every time Apple increases the iPhone’s screen size, the apps have to be reprogrammed to fit the screen; however, this is not the case this time. Apple has managed to keep the 16:9 aspect ratio consistent with these new devices so that the apps will automatically resize.

However, apps designed for other iPhone models will look blurry and jagged due to pixel density differences among the phones. Programmers for certain apps may choose to create a landscape option with a left-side column similar to that on the iPad, which is now possible due to the increased screen size.

In addition, the new screen resolution of “Retina HD” will be introduced with these phones and an improvement upon the Retina screen, which originally appeared in the iPhone 4. Both new iPhones will come in gold, silver and space gray and feature the new software iOS 8, which will be available on Sept. 17.

The iOS software contains an NFC mobile payments system. This system allows you to make purchases with your iPhone instead of a credit card. This system uses both the Passbook app and the fingerprint technology that originated with the iPhone 5s. Neither retailers nor Apple will be able to gain access to the information. Paying with your phone instead of your credit cards further emphasizes the role a phone has in daily life.

The iPhone has already been employed as a camera by many of its owners. The new features regarding the camera include a new camera that is able to capture 1080p video or 60 frames-per-second and Slo-Mo video at 240 frames-per-second. Unique to the iPhone 6+ is a camera with an optical image stabilization; the iPhone 6 has digital image stabilization.

A possibly less necessary but still appealing feature is the new feature regarding games.

Due to the 64-bit processor-A8, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will allow gamers to experience 50 percent faster graphics and allow the phones to run at full power with less heat production.

However, the two phones were not the only new products released at the event on Sept. 9 in Cupertino.

The Apple Watch, formerly known as the iWatch, has been released in three collections. Apple Watch, which starts at $349, will be available in early 2015.

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the highly anticipated watch with founder Steve Jobs’ signature “one more thing” introduction. The watch can distinguish between a touch and a press and contains a custom-designed chip.

The watch can be personalized by choosing a digital or analog face, by choosing six different straps with different purposes such as sports version in various colors. The sports version is also chemical and sweat resistant. The “Apple Edition” is made of 18 karat gold.

Both the watch and the two phones feature sapphire crystal as a feature of the screens.

The watch has features that include fitness and health features, such as heart rate, the ability to play games, and the ability to view photos from iPhoto.

With people already lining up at Apple stores, the two phones will be sold starting Sept. 19 in stores and pre-orders will begin Sept. 12. Even though the release date is about a week away, you can guarantee that the lines will begin.

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