Swag packages replace traditional Simmons soiree


Items included in the unboxing soiree packages

Megan Sutherland, Staff Writer

On April 9, 2021, Simmons Campus Activities Board (CAB) posted to their Instagram a Google form to sign up for an “Unboxing Soiree” as a virtual replacement for the annual Soiree. Now, a month later, students who signed up should expect their boxes by the end of this week Friday, May 14.

Although Simmons is using a remote learning model this semester, CAB really wanted to continue the soiree online, says Bethany Arabic, the student president of CAB. They came to the conclusion that an unboxing would be the best route to accomplish this.

In total, 390 students signed up, according to Luci Delgado, the faculty supervisor and advisor to CAB, and everyone who signed up is receiving a box.

The contents of the box include an iced cookie, tote bag, sleep mask, coloring book, coloring pencils, tumbler cup, and sunscreen lip balm – all sporting the words “Simmons University.”

Altogether, the items may appear a bit mismatched, and that was the intention. Both Delgado and Arabic explained that the variety of items would ensure there was at least one thing that every student would really enjoy and that students would actually use them in their day-to-day rather than putting them on a shelf and forgetting about them.

Most students should receive their boxes by Wednesday, May 12,  if they have not received them already, Delgado said. Any later delivery date would be due to a misspelled shipping address which CAB has already cleared up with those students.