Second semester of on-campus living is underway as students adjust to COVID-19 guidelines


Photo courtesy of Simmons University.

Julia Rush, Staff Writer

Students currently living on Simmons University’s residential campus are adjusting to strict mask and distancing guidelines set in place by the city of Boston and the University to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread, while administrators work hard to act on student feedback. 

“I’m not a super social person, so that just doesn’t really impact me,” Simmons freshman nursing student Melissa Baker said about living with restrictions on campus.

Baker added that she enjoys being in Boston and living in North Hall gives her more freedom than she would have living at home. Even though she isn’t a social person, Baker says she still feels lonely sometimes. 

Ailia Rochefort is a junior at Simmons who is living in a three-person suite with one roommate. Given the current situation Rochefort said simply, “It is what it is,” 

“I think the best part is being back in Boston.” she noted.

Rochefort said that she is happy to have applied for on-campus housing, although it is a different experience from what Simmons students are used to. Not being able to visit other students’ rooms feels “weird and isolating,” according to Rochefort.

Despite the isolation that Baker and Rochefort feel, they say that the virtual activities hosted by resident advisors, (RAs,) have been a great way to connect and engage with other students living on campus. Rochefort described a recent painting event hosted by her RA where she was provided with painting supplies to paint with fellow students over Zoom. 

“We are continually trying to listen to student feedback,” says ResLife Administrative Assistant Allison Williams. “Where it’s possible we want to really, you know, be responsive to [student feedback.]”  

With the warmer weather, Williams says that students are encouraged to get outside, as CDC guidelines dictate that being distanced and masked outdoors is safer than being indoors. 

“We really want to be able to utilize the quad,” said Williams, adding that ResLife is already thinking about outdoor programming that will make use of the quad in the spring.