Welcome Home Podcast, Episode One


“Welcome Home” is a production of Simmons Radio and The Simmons Voice. Artwork by Carly Dickler.

Today, we’re excited to share the first episode of “Welcome Home,” a podcast about the news, culture and stories that affect the Simmons community. 

“Welcome Home” was an idea born during the summer months while we were scrambling to figure out how to produce content during the online fall semester. 

We knew that student-driven media would be a necessary force in keeping students informed and connected during our absence from campus.

Simmons is not just school for many students, it’s home. Knowing that we all will likely continue to endure different living and working situations for the months to come, we wanted to give a piece of Simmons ––a piece of home ––to the community.

This podcast is for the students, faculty, staff and members of the Simmons community who have felt a little homesick since March. Until it’s safe to return to campus, we’ll bring campus to you.

Welcome home, Simmons,

Iz, Sarah, Katie, and Abby