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First baby born with DNA from three parents

October 5, 2016

By Kaylee Messina Contributing Writer “It’s a boy!” For the first time in history, mitochondrial DNA transfer resulted in the live birth of a health child. The goal of this procedure is to prevent mitochondrial disease;...

Fun facts behind daydreaming

September 22, 2016

By Shen Gao Staff Writer You have probably experienced this scenario: you’re sitting in a lecture, the material is boring, the professor has a monotone voice, you’re tired, and so your mind starts wandering. What will y...

Can I pet your (service) dog?

September 16, 2016

By Erin Hickey Contributing Writer Here is a scenario: for the first time, a student shared a class with a student who required a service dog. The student watched the beautiful golden retriever guide his handler to a chair ...

Simmons to host second annual Hackathon event

September 16, 2016

By Ellissa Barclay de Tolly Contributing Writer Amidst computer science events dominated by male-heavy turnouts, Simmons College’s SharkHack returns Sept. 30, 2016 to provide a event where women can comfortably explore their ...

New link found between ion concentrations and sleeping state

May 5, 2016

By Roxanne Lee Staff Writer Researchers reported on April 29 that it is changes in ion concentrations, and not nerve cell activity, that switch the brain between its waking and sleeping states. The study, conducted by Ding et al., focu...

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