New mobile device apps

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New mobile device apps

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By Ellen Garnett
Staff Writer

Ever go through life thinking “I wish there was an app for that?” Well, here are four new mobile applications that will help you out in small and big ways.

Life Listr is an app that helps you organize and accomplish all of the random yet important items on your bucket list. This app assists in goal planning with step by step directions. Life Listr is helpful for keeping track of all of the things you want to do but may not have time for right away. It is free and available in the Apple App Store.

Last Message is an app that is only available for Android phones, but it is cool nonetheless. Last Message will send out a notification to your friends and family through text, email, Facebook, or Twitter to let them know your phone is about to die. This is one way to avoid the 10 consecutive missed calls and frantic text messages from your worried mom when your phone dies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) updated its free app on Android and iOS phones to give users push notifications about weather alerts for a maximum of five locations within the U.S. Never again leave your house unprotected from potential weather disasters (or, you know, general New England weather).

Call Detector is an app that will let you block unknown callers, such as scammers and will even let you know when a telemarketer is calling. This is just a helpful app in preventing you from wasting your time listening to automated calls asking you if you would like a knee brace from Medicare. Yup, it has happened several times to the author of this article.

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