The man bun: the new male hair fashion fad

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By Kanika Miller
Staff Writer

pic of jared leto's man bun


Each decade in human history is clearly defined not just by major events like elections, wars, or tragedies, but also by new technology, music, and the hottest fashion trends.

“Fashion craze” is a umbrella term that encompasses clothing, accessories, home goods, and hairstyles. When looking at the fashion timeline, people tend to focus on women because of gender stereotyping and targeted advertising.

With the growing fashion industry and Hollywood’s celebrity pool increasing, men’s fashion has caught up with women’s. Most trends stem from one celebrity’s appearance, that other celebrities mimic, before occupying the general public.

In short, during the 1950s Elvis Presley made the pompadour popular; in the 1960s Paul McCartney’s shag style dominated; and the cornrows and dreadlocks  of the 1970s were influenced greatly by Ludacris and Bob Marley.

In the 1980s, “Star Trek” stole the bowl cut, and the 1990s mullet was sold by Billy Ray Cyrus; fast forward to about 2009, when Justin Bieber brought the flow where men grew out their hair and forced their bangs sideways. The current novelty catching fire is the “man buns undercut.”

According to the Huffington Post, man buns were initiated by Jared Leto. This loose bun is usually accompanied by facial hair such as a beard or mustache.

Trends seem to be circular; looks that have gone out of fashion return after new ones have become extinct, and with the rise of man buns it feels like the hippie era might be on its comeback tour.

The man bun style is loose and very easy to create, bun-wise. The interesting part about them is to see how the facial hair compliments the bun. It’s exciting how fickle fashion is because it’s always a mystery to what the next big thing will be.