Simmons cents: Slutty costumes

The community gives their two cents on life

We asked: Is there such a thing as a Halloween costume that is “too slutty”?

You answered:
“Equality. Men’s and women’s pre-made costumes shouldn’t suggest that women have to be slutty firefighters when men dress up as real ones. Do literally whatever you want for Halloween, go NUTS. But the factory option shouldn’t be men as serious costumes and women as slutty cookie monster.” – Taylor R. ’14

“There’s no such thing as ‘too slutty.’ There’s only ‘too judgemental.’” – Jessie K.

“People should be able to wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in. With that being said, ‘slutty’ often seems to mean very little clothing. Halloween is in October. We are in Boston. It gets cold, particularly at night. If you are planning on going out, bring a coat, just in case you get cold. Love, Mom.” – Sarah K.

“The only people who define what is ‘too slutty’ are the people who aren’t wearing the outfit, and those people shouldn’t care anyway.”  – Katie S.B.
“It seems to me that people wearing provocative costumes are seeing Halloween as an occasion to have fun . . . and be creative and flirtatious with ways and appearances they show up in. And those who are concerned with how provocative those costumes might be seen too keenly value safety and empowered decisions. Applying this reframe not only unpacks the moralistic evaluations of the people in costume, but also doesn’t shoot it back on those with concerns by creating an accusation of ‘slut shaming.’”  – Alec D.

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