College remembers Haley Cremer

By Haley Costen
Staff Writer

A crowd of about 50 gathered in the Kotzen room Monday night to honor and celebrate the life of Haley Cremer.

Cremer was a 20-year-old physical therapy major and athlete preparing to enter her junior year at Simmons when she was struck and killed by a driver with a suspended license this past summer.

Her friends and classmates took turns at the podium reminiscing about Cremer’s positive energy and joy for life. One student shared an encouraging text message from Cremer during a time of need, and another played a voicemail message declaring that Cremer had good news to share.

Randi Lite, Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Exercise Science Program, spoke about Cremer’s determination and drive. Cremer was only a sophomore when she convinced Lite to allow her to join her junior-level anatomy class.

“You’d think a sophomore in a junior-level class would stick to the back and blend in, but where did Haley sit?” she asked the crowd.

“Right in the front row,” one girl said as the mourners let out shaky laughs.

Cremer’s friend Emily Parry encouraged everyone in the room to be positive and to live their own lives as her friend did.

The memorial featured a performance by LaShawn Holloway of the Gospel Choir. Holloway sang “I Will Remember You,” by Sarah McLaughlin.

Dean of Student Life Sarah Neill was also in attendence and shared kind words about Cremer.

The evening ended with a violin performance and an invitation to share any personal stories or vignettes about Cremer with her family and close friends.

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