Opinion: Five Things I Loved This Spring

Jamie Perkins, Staff Writer

The time has come to open your windows and shove your winter coat into the back corner of your closet. This past winter was one for the record books. WBUR reported that this past winter was “the fifth warmest ever in terms of average temperature for the city of Boston.” But don’t forget Feb. 4, when temperatures dropped to -10 F and I genuinely feared that my dog was going to blow away on our nighttime walk. Finally, that’s all behind us and it’s time to emerge from hibernation. In case you’re at risk of not appreciating the new season to its full extent, here are five things I loved this spring:

Spring Flora 

As the flowers and trees bloom, everything feels lighter and brighter. The world is easier to move through, even on bad days. I’m not exactly sure why I’m so easily pleased by flowers. Perhaps because I grew up in a city with less plants than the local Star Market, or maybe I inherited my grandmother’s infatuation. It also could be that I am utterly incapable of keeping houseplants alive and therefore see very little greenery during the winter. Whatever the reason, I love the blossoming daffodils, tulips, and magnolia trees. Truthfully, my ideal life would be as a little bug living among giant, anthropomorphic flowers. I may or may not have watched the 2016 movie “Trolls” one too many times. Either way, spring in Boston is as close as I will ever get to that fantasy. 

People Watching 

After months of shuffling from one indoor location to another, it’s easy to forget the joy of humanity. Bostonians in winter are tough creatures, with hoods pulled up and eyes cast downwards. Now that the weather is warmer, the crowds are out. My favorite way to people watch is to observe the photos that people decide to take. These are the moments people want to capture in time and keep forever. A few weekends ago, I, along with five strangers, gathered around a magnolia tree to photograph the blooming flowers. A group of people who had never met and will most likely never meet again, all brought together by the beauty of spring. 

The Boston Public Garden

The Public Garden is the perfect place to combine the previous two things I love about spring. It is known for its springtime bloom of tulips and magnolia trees. On any given day with nice weather, it’s inevitable that the grass will be filled with picnic blankets splayed out and people doing their little human activities. Every direction you look you will find little kids, dogs, performers, and more. A special shout-out to Larry the Balloon Man, an older gentleman who makes balloon flowers to give to passerby. He only works for tips and is more than happy to discuss his love of the balloon with you for as long as you’d like. Here’s a tip: ask him about his (almost) feature in “Good Will Hunting.” 

Jaho Coffee Roaster & Wine Bar

With a plethora of cafes right here in the Fenway neighborhood, the urge to not venture far is valid. I’m typically a Caffè Nero boy myself, but for a fun outing Jaho is worth the wait. There are locations all over the city, as well as Salem, MA, and Tokyo if either of those suits your needs better. Their menu is expansive, including but not limited to traditional coffee drinks, uniquely flavored lattes, boba tea, and an assortment of quality lunch foods. Most recently, I ordered a pizza bagel as a study snack, a staple of my childhood that I don’t often find on menus. There’s plenty of seating, making it an ideal place to hunker down and get some work done. 


With the warming weather comes a change of wardrobe. People shed their coats and layers like long-haired dogs shed their fur. It’s a great time to get outfit inspiration from people on the street, or re-create your own sense of style. I personally prefer fall and winter clothing, so I have to be creative each time spring comes around. This spring, my style staple is jorts (also known as jean shorts if you’re not well versed in the denim dialect). I prefer my jorts amusingly oversized with either a tank top or similarly oversized short-sleeved shirt. Jorts are fairly easy to find in the men’s section of a thrift store. 

With summer beginning, soon we’ll be reminiscing about the cool but not-quite-cold days. Get outside and enjoy it!