Caffè Nero: the quintessential study café

Something about sitting in a café, with jazz and the quiet chatter of customers, is magically motivating.


Photo by Jaelin Roberts.

Jaelin Roberts, Contributing Writer

The Italian-inspired Caffè Nero is the quintessential study café, with two locations within a five-minute walk of Simmons’ Residence Campus. It has 18 locations across Boston, each one with a unique rustic interior. My first visit was to the Boylston St. location about three years ago. 

I was a prospective nursing student and my mom and I had just finished getting a personalized tour of Simmons and the Park Science building. After all the walking we were starved. Our student tour guide recommended that we head to her favorite study spot for lunch – Caffè Nero. 

Sitting down in a cozy armchair and munching on a delicious Italian sandwich, I began to daydream about a future me – a busy Simmons nursing student ducking into Caffè Nero to fit in some studying and a nice cup of coffee. That vision was pushed off a year due to the pandemic, but this year that dream came true. 

Early in the semester, my family and I stopped by the Caffè again. In the summer heat, the excitement I had felt almost three years ago came flooding back. There was Caffè Nero, in the same condition. The red paned garage door of the adjacent room was cranked open to meet the sidewalk seating, letting in the city sounds.

It’s a cozy change of scenery from our Fens Café. Decorated with a rustic charm, I like to pick a spot along one of the leather benches. You can hook your laptop into an outlet and connect to free Wifi. My go-to drink is the vanilla latte, deliciously foamy with just a hint of vanilla. 

My second favorite is the chai latte, which is sure to warm you from head to toe this time of the year. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a pastry or muffin. The last thing I tried was a pumpkin spice muffin – divine! You won’t be disappointed with the variety of goods they have to offer.

Something about sitting in a café, with jazz and the quiet chatter of customers, is magically motivating. You’ll find you aren’t the only one enjoying the space to study and work. My friends were just as charmed by the space as I was. 

Whether you’re looking for a study spot, a quick caffeine fix, or a place for your next coffee date, I hope you love this peaceful spot as much as I do. 

Caffè Nero
1375 Boylston St.
Boston, MA
Sunday – Saturday 7 AM – 5 PM

Caffè Nero
360 Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA
Monday – Friday 6:30 AM – 6 PM

CORRECTION: Feb. 11, 2022 

A previous version of this article contained incorrectly accented letters. The article has been updated to reflect proper accents.