The following professors are moving on from the Simmons community. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

Emeline Homonoff, Social Work
David Browder, Mathematics
Louise Cohen, Modern Languages
Dan Connell, Communications
Marlene Fine, Communications
Robin Peek, Library and Information Science
Terry Plum, Library and Information Science
Allan Blume, Education
Gary Oakes, Education

Susan Chudd, Office of Student Leadership Activities

Susan Chudd has been a fixture in the Office of Student Leadership Activities for as long as most students remember.

Recently, she announced that after nine years of working at Simmons, she is moving on to a new career.

“This decision is bittersweet, mostly because I will miss working with all of YOU. You are one of the best parts of working at Simmons, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you and seeing you grow as leaders and individuals,” Chudd wrote.

Throughout her time here, she has served as an advisor to the SGA, Microcosm Yearbook, the Senior Class, and practically anyone who walked into her office.

She also coordinated Undergraduate Orientation and the Emerging Leaders Program, as well as leading a Simmons 101 class.

Chudd came to Simmons the summer of 2005 after earning her Masters in Higher Education from Boston College. Prior, she completed a BFA in Music Performance on the Double Bass and a BS in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Chudd plays the double bass in the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra.