Briston Maroney draws listeners in ahead of debut album


Album artwork courtesy of Atlantic Records

Julia Rush, Staff Writer

23-year-old Briston Maroney recently released ‘Sinkin,’ a single full of summer warmth just in time for the spring thaw with an upbeat rhythm and jumpy guitar. 

The fourth single released off of the Knoxville-native musician’s upcoming debut album entitled Sunflower, ‘Sinkin’ leans heavily on repetition in order to pull listeners in – from the rhythm to the chord progressions and the use of one refrain.   

Unlike Maroney’s slower  ‘Deep Sea Diver,’ another single released ahead of Sunflower, ‘Sinkin’ feels more upbeat, bright, and has a little bit of a rougher rock sound around the edges with the raw guitar track. The heavy bass adds to the warm, full sound and fills in the gaps left by the guitar.

Without a chorus to follow the refrains, although catchy, ‘Sinkin’ falls into a series of repetitive verses making the track more predictable than his 2018 breakout hit ‘Freakin’ Out On The Interstate.’ 

Although ‘Sinkin’ is different from the 2018 track, it’s catchy, fun and serves its purpose of intriguing listeners to pay attention to the upcoming album. 

Sunflower is set to release on April 9. You can pre-save the album or wait for it to come out on your favorite music streaming platform.