The Simmons Voice

The value of the V-Logs

February 18, 2015

Each year, Simmons, like many colleges across the country, puts on “The Vagina Monologues.”  Written by playwright, feminist, and activist Eve Ensler, “The Vagina Monologues” was groundbreaking when first performed in...

To tell or not to tell

February 18, 2015

By Jessie Kuenzel Staff Writer The first day of classes every semester since my arrival at Simmons has found me sitting in my seat during class biting my nails, the raging debate in my head drowning out the monotone voice of the...

Mentality of Halloween

October 28, 2014

By Alexa Faria Contributing Writer As Halloween approaches, people brainstorm costume ideas. During this process people think of anything and everything to be. These ideas can be anything from absolutely terrifying to more pr...

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