Saying goodbye to Mom

A lot is required to produce a newspaper. Between the planning, the research, the writing, the layout, the editing, and the publishing, there’s probably more than 50 hours of work that go into each individual paper, and no one works harder or for  more hours than the editor-in-chief: the one who makes it all happen, the cog in the machine without which the entire thing would stop running.

Today we are bidding a fond farewell to our own beloved editor-in-chief Sarah Kinney. Like the many editors who came before her, Sarah has been the backbone of this publication; the time and effort she has dedicated to The Voice has been essential to the paper’s success.

She has always answered our (many) questions with patience and a smile  and guided us with the gentlest of hands when we went astray. She has laughed with us, joked with us, sang along to Disney songs with us, and stayed up until one in the morning with us. With her always calm and nurturing demeanor, Sarah has affectionately become “mom” among the Voice staff.

Next semester, not a single production night will pass without remembering everything Sarah has done for us in her time as Editor-in-Chief, and we will always be forever grateful for the three and a half years that she dedicated to our publication.

Although we might be nervous to see “mom” leave, we know that Sarah is off to do great things, and we wish her all the best.

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