8 things you didn’t know existed at Simmons

By Ellen Garnett
Staff Writer

1. Beehive:
Professor Wilson-Rich, a professor of biology, tends to the bees, which are located on the second floor of Lefavour on the patio outside of the Crane Room.

2. Prayer Room:
There is a prayer room in Smith Hall past the mail center. There is a big piece of paper on the wall where people can write inspirational words for others.

3. Music Room:
Next to the prayer room in Smith Hall, there is a music room, which has a piano for students to play.

4. First Floor of Beatley Library:
It exists.

5. Fifth Floor of South Hall
If there is anything haunted at Simmons, it lives on the fifth floor of South Hall.

6. Health Services:
Simmons offers a Health Center and a Counseling Center for students who need it.

7. Rooftop terraces:
The School of Management building and Lefavour Hall both have outdoor rooftop eating areas. Just remember to bring your ID to unlock the door.

8. Copy Mail Center:
From the bookstore, follow the hallway left past the lockers, the hallway jogs to the left, continue.

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