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Laughing your way to fitness

November 13, 2012

Fit@Simmons has been offering Laughter Yoga classes every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Laughter Yoga is a new, revolutionary idea that classifies itself as a workout for one’s well-being. It does not involve Latin dance moves or continuous...

Hurricane season coming to a close

November 13, 2012

After the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, there is still a month left of hurricane season. Ranging from June 1 to Nov. 30, hurricane season threatens to damage coastal areas as well as inland areas with intense rain and swirling winds...

Stock up on nuts for the winter

November 13, 2012

With November beginning, everyone’s minds float right to Thanksgiving and the delicious food that covers the table during the feast. But Nov. also brings attention to another beloved food: peanut butter. Nov. is National Peanut...

Sharks basketball ready for upcoming season

November 13, 2012

Even though winter is still around the corner, the Sharks basketball team has been preparing for their season for weeks. “The team chemistry is improving each practice and every time we step on the basketball court,” said...


September 25, 2012

By Emese Nemeth Staff Writer Due to a recent discovery at CERN, The European Organization of Nuclear Research, many scientists have been wondering if Einstein’s theory of special relativity has been proven wrong. Einstein’s...

Health and Science in the News

March 26, 2012

Drinking coffee may prevent depression In the Archives of Internal Medicine, a study was published about how drinking regular coffee—not decaf—on a regular basis over time may prevent depression in middle-aged women. Consuming...

Texas schools begin to teach “Abstinence-Plus” program

March 26, 2012

By Emese Nemeth Staff Writer Due to the increase in teenage pregnancy in West Texas, many schools are looking for a sex education program that works. Currently, seventh and eighth graders are taught abstinence-only, but with...

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