Ad Rates

The Simmons Voice publishes a weekly, 16 page publication for free to the Simmons College community covering school, Boston, national, and international news.

The pages are tabloid size (10″x16″) and is set up in a five-column format. MediaMate is the official ad manager for the Simmons Voice. MediaMate can be reached at 1-888-897-7711 or

Standard Print Advertisements

Ad Size 3X 7X 10X
Full Page $2,025 $4,725 $6,750
Half Page $1,020 $2,380 $3,400
Quarter page $540 $1,260 $1,800

Online Ads

300 x 250 pixels: $700 per month
468 X 60 or 120 X 240 pixels: $600 per month


Min Size: 3″ X 5″
Max Size: 8.5″ X 11″
Pages: 1 – 16
Rate: $515

For more information, download our 2014-15 Media Kit or email

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