Co-Editors-in-Chief: Simran Gupta and Kaydee Donohoo

Opinions Editor: Maya Valentine

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Kaylin Wu

News Editor: Mackenzie Farkus

International News Editor and Web Editor: Julia Taliesin

Sports Editor: Open

Health and Science Editor: Olivia Hart

Features Editor: Haley Verre

Multicultural Editor: Jess Pupo

A Thousand Words: Allison Isaksen

Cartoonist: Julie Tran

Copy Editors: Emily Chicklis, Aurora Goodland, and Sarah Carlon

Past Editors-in-Chief:

Ellen Garnett and Lisa Nault, 2017

Jessie Kuenzel and Katie Sittig-Boyd, 2016

Eva Weber, 2015

Sarah Kinney, 2014

Taylor Rapalyea, 2013-2014

Anne Karasek, 2012-2013

Maria Costigan, 2011-2012

One thought on “Editors

  1. I am a 1971 graduate of Simmons College in Chemistry. Yesterday I was invited and I attended the Undergraduate Symposium and Chemistry/Physics Celebration of Achievement Dinner. My whole day was amazing. I was so glad to see girls involved in all aspects of science and excel in them. Simmons is at the top of its class, as usual, and I am very happy that the great reputation of my alma mater is being upheld. Thank you, Dr. Roecklein-Canfield for inviting me, and Thank you, Dr. Gurney for introducing me to the students.

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