Co-Editors-in-Chief: Simran Gupta and Kaydee Donohoo

Opinions Editor:

Assistant Managing Editor: 

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Jack O’Dwyer

Web Editor and News Editor: Mackenzie Farkus

International News Editor:

Sports Editor: Kallie Gregg

Health and Science Editor: 


Features Editor: Haley Verre

Multicultural Editor: Jess Pupo

A Thousand Words: 

Cartoonist: Julie Tran

Copy Editors: Alison Berstein, Emily Chicklis, Ally Hull, and Molly Reagan

Ali is a recent graduate of Simmons, having majored in French and communications with a concentration in journalism.

She is a member of SAMA, the Simmons Anime/Manga Association, and spends her free time reading Norse myth, folktales, John Green, and children’s books.

Ali’s favorite part of working with the Voice is during production night, when the staff makes memories by goofing around between editing, writing, and editing some more.

Emily is a senior at Simmons College who is currently studying psychology and biostatistics. She enjoys drawing, amateur film criticism, and oxford commas.

Past Editors-in-Chief:

Ellen Garnett and Lisa Nolt, 2017

Jessie Kuenzel and Katie Sittig-Boyd, 2016

Eva Weber, 2015

Sarah Kinney, 2014

Taylor Rapalyea, 2013-2014

Anne Karasek, 2012-2013

Maria Costigan, 2011-2012

One thought on “Editors

  1. I am a 1971 graduate of Simmons College in Chemistry. Yesterday I was invited and I attended the Undergraduate Symposium and Chemistry/Physics Celebration of Achievement Dinner. My whole day was amazing. I was so glad to see girls involved in all aspects of science and excel in them. Simmons is at the top of its class, as usual, and I am very happy that the great reputation of my alma mater is being upheld. Thank you, Dr. Roecklein-Canfield for inviting me, and Thank you, Dr. Gurney for introducing me to the students.

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