What to look for on a first date: the warning signs

Going on a first date can be nerve racking. You’ve taken time to pick out an outfit and get ready for the big date. The day finally comes and you begin to notice certain things that make you question their intentions. Here are red flags to look for when on a first date:
He or she is late. It sounds cliché but it makes a difference. Unless they have forewarned you that they will be late then it does not look promising. Public transportation and traffic are valid excuses but an elaborate story may just hint that they have something to hide.
Hangover? Apparently last night was a wild one. Being hungover puts most people in a grumpy, “I don’t want to be here” type of mood. Ladies and gentlemen, if you plan on drinking the night before your date, stay hydrated or reschedule the date.
Texting, texting, texting! Have you noticed that your date is constantly checking their phone or texting? This is plain rude. They should be able to take two hours out of their day to get to know you without constantly playing pocket tag with their phone. It is basically a sign that they don’t want to be there with you.
Looks at floor, wait staff, table. Our parents always stress how important it is to make eye contact with people. This doesn’t mean you have to stare the person down, but casual eye contact is a sign of respect and shows that you are interested. If your date has wandering eyes you may want to rethink a second date.
Can we split the bill? A date should not ask for your help with paying for the meal, movie, drinks or other expense. It is good manners if you offer to help out but the person taking you on the date should not have to ask. This shows they’re lacking in manners, don’t have enough money, or don’t want to pay for your part of the meal. Offering to pay the tip is always polite, but when your date asks you to help, think again.
Let’s say our goodbyes at the door. A good date should walk you to your car, dorm or apartment. It’s the gentleman/gentlewomanly thing to do. It is also safe, especially if you are getting out of a late movie or late night meal. If your date can’t walk the extra yard, will they be willing to go the extra yard for you when you need it?
They bring a friend along. This situation is just plain awkward. You planned on it being an intimate one-on-one date when you notice an extra joining you at the table. This is inappropriate unless you have been forewarned about the third wheel or are going on a double date. Training wheels are a no-go; this is college, not high school.
They talk about exs the first time you meet. Airing out your dirty laundry on a first date is inappropriate. The date is for getting to know the surface details about each other, not dig through the skeletons in each others’ closets. If your date brings up their ex the first time you meet, then a red flag should go up as to whether or not they’re truly over them.