Sweet Cheeks fits a college student budget

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By Sarah Goldstein and Rosie Newton

Contributing Writers

Sweet Cheeks BBQ is just down Brookline Avenue, which is a five-minute walk from Simmons residential campus. It is a Texas-style BBQ restaurant, aimed at creating traditional Texan BBQ sides, meals, and meats.


Source: Yin and Yolk

Coming from opposite sides of the country (Rosie is from Texas and I am from New England) we both had different expectations of true BBQ. Immediately upon being seated Rosie asked our waitress how long they smoke their ribs, because the longer they are smoked the more authentic they are.

At authentic Texas BBQ’s, the ribs are smoked for at least 20 hours. At Sweet Cheeks they are smoked for at least 12-15 hours.

After hearing that, Rosie decided to order the pork ribs with macaroni and cheese and potato salad, I ordered the pulled chicken with carrot salad and macaroni and cheese.

While waiting for our food we enjoyed the southern rock music and scenic atmosphere. With metal trays lined with brown paper as plates and mason jars as cups, it was a nice balance between classic and comfortable dining.

We both agree that the macaroni and cheese at this establishment is a must-have. Rosie enjoyed the savory potato salad, while I indulged in the crispy yet sweet carrot salad.

The sides that we ate definitely lived up to their reputation. The pulled chicken was cooked just right; very tender, not too salty, and had a lot of flavor.

However, Rosie was not quite as impressed with her entrée. While the meat was tender and fell off the bone, it was lacking in flavor and seasonings, and it was neither dry rub nor marinated.

Overall we had a positive experience dining at Sweet Cheeks BBQ. We recommend this restaurant for Simmons students as a “treat yourself” type restaurant.

This is not a place to go every weekend but it is a great place to suit your BBQ cravings every once in a while. When you nail your exam or are stressed about finals, it is a great place to take a break and indulge.

Taking into account our different cultural backgrounds, we both agree that Sweet Cheeks BBQ is a must-try during your Simmons College experience.