Top 5 ‘Hannah Montana’ episodes, to prepare for the re-run

By Jennifer Ives

Staff Writer

As the semester winds down and finals heat up, Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family, has brought us a gift to get us through finals and winter break; From Dec. 3 to Dec. 29, every episode of Hannah Montana in the series will be playing. Every. Single. One.

Source: Hollywire

An iconic show from many students’ childhoods (of course), we should honor this amazing opportunity with a reflection of the top five most iconic episodes, or some of our fondest memories of the series.

#5 I am Hannah Hear Me Croak

We all cried while watching episode five of season two, when Hannah feverishly dreams of her dead mother, played by Brooke Shields. Shields gave us the ultimate supportive mom vibes in a guest performance that nicely grounded the entire episode as Miley decides if she should undergo throat surgery in order to be able to keep singing.

#4 Lilly, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

The pilot episode is iconic and incredible, but not for its overused coincidental plot points and awkward musical segues. It is iconic for just one scene: Miley Cyrus as herself and Cordon Bleu guest starring as Johnny in the cafeteria scene where Miley accidentally uses ketchup as moisturizer. Classic.

Who cares about Lilly finding out Miley’s secret when we can all dreamily moon over Cordon Bleu’s adorable eyes?

#3 Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas

Episode 16 of season two brings us some nice, confusing, crossdressing vibes. Miley and Lilly dress up as a male singing duo called “Milo and Otis” in order to prank the Jonas Brothers.

This early Jonas Brothers episode is a adorable joy to behold and will give you serious flashbacks, as well as help you to  question your early teen gender identity at the same time.

#2 My Boyfriend’s Jackson and There’s Gonna Be Trouble.

Episode 21 of the first season gives us that classic, accidentally awkward incest that Disney unfortunately excelled at from time to time during the early 2000’s.

With Jackson pretending to be Miley’s boyfriend, particularly with the actor being nearly thirty and Miley still in her early teens, this entire episode is cringe-inducingly captivating.

#1 Don’t Stop Til You Get The Phone

This classic “Hannah Montana” episode combined the wacky shenanigans and visual gags that made the show such a hit, with a stellar deadpan guest performance by Dwayne Johnson in partial drag. That’s right, Dwayne Johnson, star of the new hit movie “Moana” in theaters right now, in partial drag. Feast your eyes.