Exercise to fight cancer


By Briana Hayes
Staff Writer

On April 11, 2015 “The Pedal to End Cancer” event will be coordinated by Caroline Hunter, a current graduate student, at the Simmons School of Management, as well as Simmons Net Impact, and the American Cancer Society.

This April, Simmons students will be given the opportunity to feel good about their bodies as well as their efforts to fight the long-running battle against cancer.

Simmons Net Impact invites cyclists and volunteers to honor those who have fought cancer so bravely and raise awareness, as well as money for the American Cancer Society while participating in a spinning event.

This event will most likely be hosted by The Handle Bar, a spinning gym located very close to Simmons College on Boylston Street. This is not yet confirmed but will be dependent on the interest in this wonderful event.

The spinning fundraiser will last about three hours with the goal of allowing for 25 spinners per hour.

Teams will be responsbile for raising money from sponsors who will donate money by the hour. Donors will contribute a specific amount of money per hour an individual spins.

“Pedal to End Cancer” is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society and is an event held by many organizations across New England.

By either donating or participating you will be making a difference. The American Cancer Society has been raising awareness and contributing to cause to end cancer for 100 years.

The American Cancer Society saves the lives of 400 people  per day who otherwise without their support would have lost the battle to cancer.

On April 11, you will have the opportunity to make a change and contribute to the cause yoursel, all the while keeping your body fit and healthy.

Start planning your teams and raising money today. For more information email caroline.hunter@simmons.edu. Ready, set, spin!