Letter to the Editor: An inspirational semester ahead for Strong Women Strong Girls and its girls

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To the Editor:

A message from Strong Women Strong Girls:

“I am strong, I am proud!” The first 2 lines of the infamous Strong Women Strong Girls cheer.

This phase is the basic premise for SWSG. We, as mentors, want to promote a healthy and strong environment for our young girls so they can succeed in anything they choose to do.

This semester is the start to another new year for the SWSG community. It has a new, but strong E board led by seniors Jennie Holloway and Hailey Collins as co-presidents. They bring fresh and fun ideas to encourage the mentors and young girls in the program to always do their best and never get discouraged even if they do not succeed the first time.

Jennie and Hayley bring experience to the E-board as they are returning co-presidents and are ready to take on a new semester full of challenges.
Recruitment of new members will take place at the Connection Carnival on Wednesday, September 11, from 4:30-7:00. An exciting field trip and fabulous mentor bonding activities will round out the semester.

We have both work-study and volunteer opportunities available to all students who are interested.

If you are interested in applying to be a mentor in our program, please contact Hayley Collins at Hayley.collins@simmons.edu or Jennie Holloway at Jennie.holloway@simmons.edu.

Strong Women, Strong Girls!