Editorial: A Bittersweet Farewell

Dear Readers,

This is the last editorial we, Sim and Kaydee, will be writing together and it is one of the saddest parts of our senior year. The Simmons Voice has been a part of our college experience since our first year at Simmons; it has been our home as we grew into ourselves and our passions. Being at the helm of this paper has been a privilege, especially as we shift into a primarily digital format.

Our time at the Voice has led to many defining memories of our time here at Simmons. It will be making friends over the conversations that flurry over the whiteboard as we brainstorm story ideas, or sitting at the center table reading books to later review. We will remember meeting such kind incredible peers that inspire, both who had been working on the paper before we got there, and those who will see off the paper once we leave. We have delightful memories of going to ballets together and getting to co-write reviews for the Voice, which was our bonding point as friends and later led to running this paper together.

It’s difficult to imagine where and who we would be without it.

That said we know the Voice will continue and grow without us. We are sad to leave, just as we were sad to see our beloved Editors-in-Chief before us leave these past three years. The cycle will continue and new staff members will form as long as both the paper and Simmons still stands. We will not forget that we were a part of that.

To that end, we have some updates for you to look forward to in the fall, when we pick up production once again and completely relaunch the Voice. We will have redesigned our website and logo, hopefully making it easier to access and follow. One of the major projects of next year’s editors will be to set up a broadcast branch of The Voice, allowing for the eventual formation of a totally new team in addition to our editorial one. This allows for more collaboration, voices, and a wider scope; in other words, this feels long overdue.

In addition the Voice will be moving back into our old office in the Student Activities Center. We will miss our short run of being across from the comm lab, and are grateful for the support we found in this transitional year from our advisors, Luke, and other Comm professors; all of whom have supported us as we tried to figure out how to help the Voice move forward and keep up with the times.

Moving on is one of the most bittersweet, melancholy, and exciting parts of being a college senior. We will miss being a part of the Voice so, so much; and we’re excited to become involved alumni. We can’t wait to look on in pride as the newspaper grows.


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