Editorial: More changes on the horizon

To Our Dearest Readers,

We would like to take this space in the editorial to announce that for the next two to four weeks, the paper will be on hiatus.

We will be using our weekly production nights to organize a relaunch of the Voice’s entire online presence. We will then be continuing on with our usual amount of content for the rest of the semester.

Our hiatus is for ourselves and our section editors to put our focus into our online presence and website redesign, rather than on writing for specific sections. That is to say, we still encourage you send in articles to us. We will run them as usual, and they will help hold over our staff during the relaunch. We will also still post weekly editorials to provide updates.

We are hoping to become more of a player on the scene of online journalism for students. If we are reading online articles anyway, why not go the Washington Post or CNN to get to the news first? We would like to remind our readers that CNN isn’t covering local events at our school or the Fenway area. These platforms aren’t posting opinions written by our students, or reviewing MFA exhibits we’ve enjoyed.

While it may be difficult at first to remember to add the Simmons Voice to your regularly opened tabs,we hope you will make a habit out of checking the future website to replaced reaching for a physical paper around campus.

We can also say that, with this hiatus and overall semester of creating a stronger online presence, we will simply add it for the future semesters and years when there will also be some form of a physical copy being printed as well.

We would like to sincerely thank our readers who are sticking by us during this transitional period. We thank and appreciate all those who will help us spread our articles and the word of where to find the latest edition of the Voice. Your support of the student paper, and student journalists, doesn’t go unnoticed.

We are excited to see where the relaunch will take us, and hope to find you there.

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