Non-toxic beauty products gain popularity

Non-toxic, organic beauty products are one of the latest 2018 trends taking the internet by storm. While it may seem like non-toxic beauty products are just a fad, many environmental organizations are pointing out the benefits in switching to more natural beauty brands.


Source: Trend Hunter

The Silent Spring Institute, located in Newton, MA, recommends cutting down the amount of cosmetics used in everyday routines. The chance that you are using beauty products with unsafe chemicals will decrease accordingly.

Alternatively, there are multiple apps and databases that allow users to search for eco-friendly and safe beauty products. For instance, the Environmental Working Group, an organization that promotes a healthy environment, started a searchable cosmetics database app that ranks products according to their safety level. The app Think Dirty also has a searchable database compatible with over 550,000 barcodes found on beauty products in stores.

Follain, a Boston-based store that specializes in natural beauty and skincare products, is another option for those who want to continue their beauty routine but with safer products. Follain offers a skincare questionnaire on their website that matches your skincare needs to nontoxic products found online or in their South End, Beacon Hill, and seasonal Nantucket stores. The products found in Follain’s stores and on their website are expensive, but there are cheaper non-toxic beauty products that exist.

Burt’s Bees, e.l.f., Dr. Bronner’s, and Yes To are all highly ranked non-toxic beauty brands that can be found at Target and organic grocery chains such as Whole Foods. The aforementioned brands are relatively cheap, with most products priced at under $20.

Below are some affordable options for non-toxic beauty products.


2 thoughts on “Non-toxic beauty products gain popularity

  1. I completely agree with you that people are switching their beauty product to natural beauty brands. Because these products are one of the most sensitive products that directly apply to our skin. I am also one of them and currently using cosmetics of Shadia Elamin.

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