Family Recipes Poetry Contest seeking submissions from students

By Kaylin Wu

Staff Writer

The Family Recipes Poetry Contest is currently looking for submissions from student writers at Simmons. The contest is being facilitated by Multiracial Advocacy and Relations at Simmons (MARS) and Simmons Speaks. They have also invited Adobo and Fish Sauce, an artist project comprised of Anthony Febo and Ricky Orng, to perform on March 29. Febo and Orng’s show is an interactive multicultural cooking show using spoken word as a vital ingredient to create recipes for celebrations.

Image found here.

A central part of Adobo and Fish Sauce’s work is the importance of food in the discussion of heritage and identity. As part of their performance, they are looking for guest “chefs” to perform poetry on stage with them. Students are encouraged to submit poetry pieces related to anything about food or family recipes. Several selected winners will be invited to perform on stage while other pieces of poetry will be selected for a student-produced chapbook book that will be sold at the performance.  

All interested students are highly encouraged to submit one or multiple pieces. All work can be submitted here.

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