Simmons alumna profile: Cassandra Rowe

By Alison Berstein

Staff Writer

The Voice reached out to Cassandra Rowe, class of 2015, to hear what she has taken away from her Simmons experience.

Describe Simmons in three words.

Supportive, empowering, kind.


Source: Cassandra Rowe

How was the transition from school to the real world? 

Easier than most. I did a lot of independent studies and internships in my last two years that made me feel really prepared. I was lucky enough to graduate with a contracted opportunity with a few of my classmates which taught me a lot.

How has Simmons prepared you for the real world?

All of my classes were really informative and built many of my skills that I either use or helps me understand how decisions are made or how my role fits into overall strategy. Independent studies and internships helped the most, because the experiences there really drove home what an entry-level job would be like out of school and how to work as a team.

What was your favorite part about the Simmons experience?

Honestly the community. There is something about the unity and comradery that comes from being a Simmons student that just can’t be matched. No matter your past or where you come from, you are accepted here.

What is your advice for the class of 2017?

Simmons never leaves you when you graduate. It never leaves any of us. We continue to support and inspire each other. So never hesitate to reach out to alumni or your past professors for any help or life questions. We were there once and happy to help if we can.

Any wise words for the current first-years?

Take advantage of the wide range of courses available if you can. You’d be surprised that some classes that interest you will fulfill course requirements, or the useful skills you might learn. For instance, I took a computer science class for my math credit I now use code almost every day at my job. Never limit yourself and explore the wealth of knowledge available to you.

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