Alumna profile: Alyssa Graca, class of 2015

By Alison Berstein

Staff Writer

The Voice chatted with Alyssa Graca, Class of 2015, to see what she has been up to since graduation and how Simmons has left its mark on her life and in her heart.


Source: Alyssa Graca

1. Describe Simmons in three words.

Challenging, inclusive and encouraging.

2. How was the transition from school to the real world?

There are certainly pros and cons to transitioning to the real world—the lack of month-long vacations was definitely the hardest to get over!

But on the bright side, not having homework or essays was a huge relief. It’s a little jarring to go from a life of schoolwork to one as an adult with a job, but there is a sense of accomplishment once you land that first post-graduation position!

3. How has Simmons prepared you for the real world?

The Communications program at Simmons was broad enough that it allowed me to pursue my interests in video and motion graphics, while also giving me the opportunity to work with different forms of media to learn how to get a clear message across.

4. How do Simmons values relate to your job?

I am Senior Content Coordinator of the digital department at an advertising agency in RI. Prior to my education at Simmons, I wouldn’t have seen myself working in social media or marketing at the professional level. The internship opportunities that Simmons provided helped me branch out to a new industry, allowing me to utilize both my writing and communication skills to connect and interact with a variety of clients and customers.

5. Favorite Simmons memory?

There are so many! One of my favorites has to be the time I hosted a Zac Efron movie marathon night. I put up posters around campus and was happily surprised when more people than I expected showed up! It helped me meet new people and was an overall fun night spent belting out “Hairspray” and “High School Musical” songs!

6. First impressions of Simmons vs. impressions upon graduation?

I liked Simmons because it was a close-knit community in a large city. The school made it easy to adjust to college life and I quickly made friends that shared the same interests as me.

Upon graduation, I only affirmed these thoughts as I was (and still am!) friends with the people I met and felt like I was leaving my second home. I still make it a point to visit the campus when I’m in the area!

7. Wise words for the first-years?

Take every opportunity that comes your way, so long as you feel it will benefit your future plans. Enjoy every moment—also, make the most of your summer vacations and breaks while you have them!

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