Prepare for winter weather woes

By Alexis Agiliga

Contributing Writer

It is hard to ignore the reality of global warming after this summer’s extreme temperatures.


Source: Flickr user bettlebrox

Global warming is the slow increase in temperature of Earth’s atmosphere caused by pollution. Summer 2016 was ranked as one of the hottest summers of the early 21st century. Massachusetts experienced extreme drought conditions due to the heat. Although the signs of global warming are hard to dispute, there are people who dismiss global warming as a hoax. Whether or not you believe global warming is real, nobody can deny the fact that winter weather has arrived.

According to, the wintry weather will last until mid-spring. Additionally, there will be frequent snow showers. Here are a few tips to keep yourselves prepared for the chilly climate:

1. Invest in quality winter gear.

Finding the perfect jacket can be taxing, especially on a college student budget. It is not a bad idea to check for online deals and coupon codes. Do not underestimate thrift stores! The Goodwill on Commonwealth Ave. has some great finds, just be prepared to sift through the racks.

2. Keep gloves, scarves, and earmuffs accessible.

Always keep a set of winter accessories in your backpack or purse. That way when you’re rushing out of the door in the mornings that is one less thing to worry about.

3. Heated blankets are hot.

Heated blankets are a great asset for a cheap price. After a cold brisk walk from academic campus, a heated blanket will be quite satisfying.

Target has heated blankets for as cheap as $20. So, head over before it’s too late!

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