Bars in the Fenway area worth checking out

By Lisa Nault

Staff Writer


Sweet Caroline’s Modern Kitchen and Bar in Fenway. Source:

Are you 21+ and have a free night? Want to go to the perfect place to just hang out with friends over a drink and destress? Boston has a vast amount of bars but sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect place to go and have a good time. Below is a list of bars that are located nearby Simmons and stand out above the rest for a variety of reasons.

1) Thornton’s Fenway Bar and Grille

Located a mere eight minutes away from Simmons on Peterborough Street, this restaurant is a crowd favorite. The food is good and is priced at reasonable rates. Thornton’s has the typical bar aesthetic on the inside and can get crowded, but it also has a wonderful patio that many patrons enjoy. The best days to go to Thornton’s are definitely Thursdays.

Not only are their wings, of which they have six varieties, 25 cents from seven to ten P.M. on Thursdays but also their margaritas are just $5 all night. They have a variety of drinks for people who like strong alcohol as well as those who prefer something much lighter. Nobody can go wrong when choosing Thornton’s Fenway Bar and Grille as their destination. Fair prices, good drinks, and wonderful service.

2) Hojoko

Described as an upbeat Japanese tavern, this wonderful bar is located under the Verb Hotel on Boylston Street. It may be hidden away, but those who can find it will fall in love. The food is simply okay but their drinks are the true reason to visit this bar. Their drinks are a bit on the pricey side but they are worth it.

The beverage menu includes various cocktail concoctions, delicious frozen mixtures, and a large selection of sake and beer. The atmosphere at Hojoko is the best out of all the bars in Boston. It modernizes the usual pub aesthetic with a Japanese style that is mesmerizing. They get creative with their drinks and the service is extremely attentive. For example, their Piña Coladas are accented with a freshly toasted marshmallow, and they will add marshmallows if they hear that someone is planning on sharing it with their friend.

3) Sweet Caroline’s Bar

Another bar close to Fenway Park is Sweet Caroline’s, the epitome of game-day bars. There are screens everywhere, numerous places to sit, and a relatively boring menu in terms of food. The place does not usually have a large crowd unless there is a game that day. The fact that it is so quiet can be both nice and odd depending on the person. Some people want a vibrant atmosphere with everyone being boisterous while others would like to be able to hear what their friends are saying and not feel the need to shout over others.

That being said, they do have an interesting drink menu that includes some of the bartenders’ own inventions. They also have a large collection of alcohols so they can make the majority of drinks patrons request. If someone is looking for beer in particular, they have 20 different types on tap.

4) Sweet Cheeks

Do you love barbeque? Sweet Cheeks is the place for you. Located across from Star Market, this restaurant bar is a tasty destination with overpriced food that is still a sweet treat at the end of a stressful week.

Their drink menu is available online and is not the cheapest around but not bad by any means. It is exactly what you would expect for a place near Fenway in that regard. Definitely check out their cocktails which are usually pretty tasty. The service is usually friendly and diligent. The highlight of Sweet Cheeks is the biscuits, which are huge, because they are incredible. Go for the nice atmosphere and stay for the biscuits.

5) The Lower Depths

Found next to the Kenmore T stop, this bar gets mixed reviews in terms of service and variety in its menu. Most people do not like its cash-only policy, but they have an ATM available so people have access to their money if they forget. In terms of pricing this bar is on the expensive side but depending on what someone gets it is worth it. Most people recommend getting a drink and their famous tater tots, which everyone agrees are delicious. They have a decent selection of beers and some other types of drinks. It is a good place to go if someone wants to chill, have a cold drink, and eat amazing tots. Try to avoid on days when games are being played because then the bar gets incredibly crowded.

Whichever bar you visit do not forget to drink responsibly and remember to tip your bartenders. They work hard and deal with drunk people all of the time. Also, remember to have fun.

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