Life lacks lifehacks: tips and tricks to save you time

By Kanika Miller
Staff Writer


Source: Pinterest

People are bound to look for little shortcuts in life, either to be efficient or to be lazy, it doesn’t matter. However these shortcuts or “lifehacks” are currently prevalent today and started gaining popularity around 2004.

They may be disguised as common sense like making sure to have cash handy when you go out, or they can be downright odd or eccentric like eating Cheetos with chopsticks to avoid getting your hands dirty.

There are many websites dedicated to lifehacks and you’ll probably see one or two on your Facebook page.

They may come in the form of simple quick solutions to problems like using duct tape to open a jar. Hacks were originally used by computer experts when creating program shortcuts.


No more orange residue on your fingers with chopsticks. Source: The Kitchin

Many technological wizards would jailbreak their Apple products like an iPod or iTouch to bypass security features in order to modify the programs to fit their needs. Also by bypassing the security, they can download illegal content and avoid paying for things they want like music.

In other words, hacks were originally used to gain unauthorized access to data. Imagine it this way: hacking is like a robber forcing their way into your house to steal your material possessions. Unlike a physical thief, a hacker can steal intellectual property, your identity, or your money.

Like many other shortcuts in life, hacking is a double-edged tool; it can be harmlessly used to change one’s personel devices and downloading music illegally, or it can be maliciously used to stalk and steal another’s identity to steal their money and assests.
Unlike the original use of hacks, lifehacks are less dangerous and can be downright ridiculous.

Have you ever thought of attaching a clean dust pan to a broom so you can fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink? You are welcome. You put the wide part of the dust pan facing the facet, leaving the handle resting on the edge of the sink. The handle is used as a funnel.


Using a muffin tin can be a helpful tool to serve snacks at a party. Source: Flickr

What about using a can opener to open packages that are air-sealed tight in plastic? By using the can opener, you avoid hurting your fingers while you try to retrieve your earbuds that so stubbornly stuck in that plastic packaging.

Lifehacks can be as simple as putting a folded sticky note underneath where you are going to drill to catch the dust, or putting a rubber band around an open can of paint to scrape off the excess paint from the paint brush.

Lifehacks can be fun. Put a treat at the end of every section of a book to help motivate you to study. Use a muffin tin to serve condiments at a party.
There are thousands upon thousands of lifehacks on the internet, (ironically the origin of the term hack is used to find more hacks), and many websites devoted to lifehacks, like or

The plethora of lifehacks is available at our fingertips and people are constantly coming up with new lifehacks to either improve their lives, be more efficient, or to continue being lazy.

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