Lauren Graham to release second book days after ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

By Simran P. Gupta

Staff Writer

Anyone following pop culture this fall knows that November is shaping up to be the month for all things Gilmore: not only is the “Gilmore Girls” revival being released on Nov. 25, but Lauren Graham (in other words, Lorelei Gilmore herself) is releasing her second book only four days later on Nov. 29.

A collection of essays chronicling her time (both then and now) on “Gilmore Girls” and more, “Talking As Fast As I Can” will be both humorous and heartfelt, according to the actress-turned-writer. “It was actually hard to write about the show at first,” Graham shared with Bustle. “It was so intense, and so many years ago, and so many episodes.” Along with the rest of us, Graham went back and re-watched the show to help her trip down memory lane and her writing process.


Lauren Graham with her on-screen daughter, Alexis Bledel. Source:

Graham went on to say in her interview that by a stroke of luck, around the time that she began work on the book, news of the revival solidified into actual plans.

Her two different “Gilmore” experiences will bookend the collection: “What It Was Like Part One” kicks it off and “What It Was Like Part Two” will close it out. This is fitting, since the book’s subtitle is “From Gilmore Girls to Girls (And Everything In-between).”

Of course, readers will be able to learn about more than just “Gilmore Girls.” Graham is chronicling everything from her “awkward adolescent years” to her real-life romances, her stint as a judge on “Project Runway” to her experience as an actor in New York City and Los Angeles.

Graham’s first book, “Someday, Someday, Maybe” was released in 2013 to almost instant acclaim. A work of fiction, Graham has also acknowledged that it is semi-autobiographical. Fans of her writing will appreciate this real-life glimpse into the woman behind the coffee-guzzling hero on our television screens.

Fans will no doubt be giving thanks this November amid a stream of quick wit, endless repartee, and some good old Gilmore wisdom both in print format and on the small screen.

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