Newbury Street Fairy Shop opens door to magical realm

By Hillary Donnell
Staff Writer

The hobbit-inspired entrance to the Fairy Shop

Photo: Jillianna Farietta

The world of glitter, magic, and unicorns is no longer exclusively accessible by a lengthy and arduous quest. These can all be found at the Fairy Shop on 272 Newbury Street, just a stone’s throw away from the Paint Bar.

Beside the rather ordinary front door is a miniature yellow and green door for fairies and other paranormal visitors, or perhaps regular sorts of people who have taken a sip of shrinking solution.

Both the inside and the outside of the Fairy Shop are decked out with fantasy creatures, geeky posters, humorous quotes, and art nouveau.

Fans of “Lord of the Rings” and “Alice in Wonderland” will enjoy the various postcards, jewelry, and toys lining the shelves in the Fairy Shop.

Besides products based on licensed properties, there is a lovely assortment of small plastic and stuffed unicorns, decorative gnomes, bottles of fairy dust, stones, and handcrafted items. These would make perfect gifts for children or those who have never let go of their love of sparkles and mythical creatures.

The store also carries dried lavender and sage from a flower store in Cambridge as well as from France, according to one of its employees. These would be excellent for potpourri or laying under pillows to encourage sweet dreams.

The staff is kind, courteous, and always willing to talk about myth, media, and magic.

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