Top places to cry this semester

By Kaylie-Ann Flannigan
Staff Writer

If you are anything like me you probably overextended yourself, thinking that you could be a new super hero that Marvel would love to add to their already extensive collection. New semesters can be rough and tough, especially second semester since it is always freezing and dark. Classes just started and I think we are all feeling a little overwhelmed with maybe every life choice we have ever made up to this point in time. (Just me?)

You may have a painfully strong urge to constantly cry. That is fine. Let it out.

Here are some prime locations around campus to do so.

1. The basement of the library
It’s generally quiet, and if you go to the back corner near the moving shelves, there is no one there. Grab a chair and a box of tissues, maybe even an encyclopedia. Sometimes there are some cute mice readily available to keep you company. If you are a quiet crier this is a prime location.

2. Abandoned classrooms
Seek out a classroom and determine class times in it to make sure that you are not interrupted or surprised when Spanish class comes in and you are face down on the floor sobbing to that Taylor Swift song from “The Hunger Games.” If executed correctly, this could be a nice large room with some fantastic views.

3. Skip the uncertainty and rent out a study room
This is guaranteed alone time with a smaller space depending on your needs. You can even put on “Titanic” and let the waterworks flow like the Atlantic. Try to bring something to absorb your tears so when you leave no one notices

4. The fourth floor of the MCB
Because no one goes there by choice. Nothing like crying next to some art. All the feelings can come together in this space for the greater good.

5. The awkward corner couch in quadside
Lights off, no sunlight, and sadly no delicious fried food. Sometimes people study down here, so you have to choose your time wisely. Luckily people getting their mail will have no idea you’re there.

6. That hallway where the copy/mail center is
Because it’s scary and no one “hangs out” there unless they’re crying too.

7. Where you live
Only when your roommate is not present. And probably the same time you are binge watching “Friends” because we all know it just arrived on Netflix in time for spring semester. You can be watching something else for sure, but why not be a little productive while crying?

child crying photo

Photo: morguefile

Also, you can ask your roommate how they are feeling and possibly cry together while watching Netflix from the comfort on your own bed! This is a perfect bonding experience especially if you two just moved in together.

Just remember everyone cries. It helps you sleep better, and it’s cleansing to the soul.

There are plenty of people rooting for you this semester. Just don’t overwhelm yourself and remember to take time to be a person. Try deep breathing, meditation, and even yoga. Your mind will thank you.

But if you feel like you may burst, find one of these lovely locations most convenient to you. Or maybe discover some more beautiful locations to cry around campus.

In fact, I almost cried after writing this.

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