Ross Livermore Band sweeps the East with hearty, soulful music

By Ellen Garnett
Staff Writer

If you’re looking for new music to get you out of the winter slump, the Ross Livermore Band is right for you. With its funky soul-influenced rock, RLB is bound to get your spirits up.

The RLB is a local up and coming band out of Beverly, Massachusetts, that is starting to gain attention for their unique sound, which has been inspired by musicians from Stevie Wonder to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. RLB’s one-of-a-kind sound is characterized by Ross Livermore’s hearty yet suave voice.

They have already released three albums, “To Life”, “Lost & Found” and “The Ross Livermore Band”, which have all established and showcased their true talent. In creating covers of other songs such as “Message in a Bottle” by The Police and Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” RLB has further shaped their sound.

As a new fan of the RLB, I personally love their raw sound. When I first heard them, I thought they had a Bob Marley “be happy” sound to it, especially with their song “Along for the Ride.” But when I heard their other songs, such as “Runner” and “Fools in Love”, I could really hear the genuine heart in their music.

“Runner” has a handful of short harmonies that are so smooth and lovely. This song has a similar sassy sound to Maroon 5 with the use of guitar and piano. “Fools in Love,” which is my favorite RLB song, has a fun guitar riff that repeats throughout the song and a pinch of falsetto, which is a nice touch. I am a sucker for guys who can sing falsetto, so hearing Ross sing that way was such a gift.

I would definitely recommend checking out the RLB. We could all use a little spicing up of our playlists once in a while. If you do listen to them, tweet at them at @rosslivermore or use #dudestoked to tell them how much you love them.

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