Simmons Cents: Should Simmons go co-ed?

You answered:

“Simmons should not go co-ed per se, but should declare itself as an educational institution that caters to women and minorities.” – Kristy S.

“Simmons prides itself on bringing education to women. Women would not have the same opportunities to find their voice if there were men in the classroom. It would lead to “dumbing down” and that is not at all what a Simmons woman is. She is strong, intelligent and independent. Do not change, Simmons!!” – Lindsay W.

“NO. Simmons should never ever ever go co-ed. What we have as a women’s centered institution is too good to pass up. Everyone deserves the opportunity to study at a place where they are encouraged to find their own identities and explore their female voice without fear of judgement, discrimination or biased obstacles as I feel is the case at Simmons.” – Mary Y.

“No, I do not believe that Simmons should become co-ed. The college is a unique place because of its commitment to female empowerment, and I think it would be unfortunate to lose that.” – Laura K.

“Absolutely not; Simmons should stay an all-women’s school. John Simmons left us this legacy—specifically FOR WOMEN—and it would be a shame to destruct
the beautiful environment created here at Simmons by becoming
co-ed.” – Yazi D.

“No. No, no, and no. If Simmons College goes co-ed, what’s the point of going there? Seriously. I’d just go somewhere else, likely for cheaper.” – Elizabeth M.

“Nope. But defining the school as ‘all women’ is also problematic. We need to find a term that better suits our community.” – Jessie K.


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