Simmons cents: The community gives their two cents on life

We asked: Does Simmons “inspire” lesbianism?

You answered:
“It doesn’t inspire it, but it offers a safe space to explore your sexuality.” – Sarah K.

“I’m not a student there, but I’d imagine there’s such a thing as an invitation to accept yourself fully. I think it could be a setting that encourages a broadening consciousness of what’s possible rather than what is appropriate. Gender/orientation boundaries are seen as static when in fact they might be dynamic and fluid. I have no idea. So perhaps someone could gain an attraction to a gender they didn’t experience before. Or the act of exploration awakens a latent attraction.” – Alec D.

“No. We’re in a city. We’re not limited to only women around us.” – Kate J.

“I’m fairly certain that that’s  not how it works. The only thing that Simmons has inspired me to do since I became a student is be a more active participant in my life, and not be afraid while I do it. Part of that journey has involved learning about my sexuality, and I think it’s pretty great I can be in an environment where that’s an option.” – Jessie K.

“I don’t know if ‘inspire’ is the right word. It encourages exploration of the different identities.” – Ali B.

Next week’s question: Do women keep their opinions to themselves too often? Why?

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