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We asked: Do you find that ‘Rate My Professor’ is useful/accurate?

You answered:
“It’s very handy when signing up for classes. Students usually post helpful descriptions about how easy or difficult the teachers are. When a teacher is too easy the students will tell you, and if the professor is kind but bad at actually teaching, their students fairly describe them. The site helps prepare students about what to expect. The only innaccurate portion of the site is the “hot-pepper” rating of professors. Some professors should not have those peppers, but that is entirely based on a person’s taste.” – Lisa N.

“I’ve never used it, but my brothers used it when they were in college.” – Kanika M.

“I do find it helpful because they do seem like honest reviews. There are always some who write bad reviews, but those are the ones who just didn’t study. But the amount of those are fewer than those you get from honest students.” – Cassie R.

“Generally it’s accurate, but it’s important not to let negative reviews impact your judgement of the professor before you even start class.” – Katie S-B.

“I have definitely dropped/added a class based on a professor’s reviews.” – Jessie K.

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