Room Service!

By Sofia Rivera
Contributing Writer

As the leaves turn colors and the temperatures plummet, sometimes leaving campus is too much of a hassle. When Bartol just isn’t cutting it, why not order in? These local restaurants deliver so that you can try something new without sacrificing the comfort of the quad.

Mama’s Place

Located just around the corner, Mama’s Place offers an array of Greek food, from gyros to spanikopita. It also boasts “Mama’s Burgers,” a variety of sandwiches, salads, and subs, as well as a dessert menu complete with the traditional Greek baklava. Freshman Karina Bercan highly recommends the macaroni and cheese bites, but says that the beef and lamb gyro she had was “okay.”

The menu is extensive and ordering online is straightforward (beware the $12 minimum), but be careful about ordering under a time crunch. Bercan reports that it took nearly an hour for her food to arrive, and says she feels like “that was a long time for a delivery from a place on Huntington.”


For the times when it just has to be pizza, Domino’s can deliver the cheesy delight you’re looking for. Order online and be sure to check out the “coupons” tab for deals and combos. Dominos is especially a great option if you’re planning a pizza party.

Insomnia Cookie

Your sweet tooth doesn’t sleep and neither does Insomnia. They deliver warm, gooey cookies to your door until three in the morning. Choose either a regular cookie—which comes in flavors like M&M, white chocolate macadamia, and snickerdoodle—or a “deluxe” cookie, which takes form in triple chocolate chunk, chocolate peanut butter cup, and s’mores deluxe. The website provides a page for ordering online and even offers a feature to track your cookie. To register as living in the delivery zone, enter “300 The Fenway” into the online form, but be sure to call and ask for 54 Pilgrim Road unless you want to run across campus!

At $1.50 per cookie and $3 per deluxe cookie, you may be tempted to try them all.

Dragon Bowl

Home to both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Dragon Bowl may have what you’re looking for. Teriyaki, lo mein, and bubble tea just scratch the surface of their menu. Order online with a $15 minimum and have your food delivered with no extra fee.


If you’re craving anything, from a scone to a wrap to a soup or salad, Panera can satisfy your appetite. Especially convenient for flu season when all you can stomach is soup, Panera provides ordering online and a mobile app.

However if you have the time and energy to go to the brick-and-mortar location just down the street, it may be worth it. After ordering a soup and salad, freshman Melisa Ozdeniz observed the portions to be much smaller than when she had ordered a similar meal to eat in rather than order out just a week earlier.

Hidyan Cafe

This mainly Middle Eastern cafe serves up delicacies such as falafel and gyros, as well as hot and cold subs, pasta, and pizza. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, Hidyan’s frozen yogurt is unique in that it offers only two flavors, but endless mix-ins. From almost any candy you can name, to fruits and nuts, you can completely customize your froyo experience.  If you’re ordering in, be prepared for the $10 minimum and a small delivery fee.

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