On the national stage: Midterm races to watch

By Mellyssa de Pavia
Staff Writer

Massachusetts Governor ­ Baker vs. Coakley

Things are looking very interesting in this race. Most polls have Coakley ahead.

But the Boston Globe is reporting the candidates are neck-in-neck in what can become a very close call.

Baker is trying to steal some of the women’s votes, and Coakley is still trying to distance herself from the race against Scott Brown (more on him later) which caused many Democrats in the state to lose some faith in her.

The history of higher Republican turnout might just be what puts Baker over the edge, even in such a heavily democratic state like Massachusetts.

Georgia Governor ­ Deal vs. Carter

It might take a President’s grandson to turn Georgia red again.

The race between incumbent Governor Nathan Deal and Jason Carter is causing quite the upset down in Georgia.

This is hands down one of the most surprising races when it comes to the poll numbers. If not tied, the two candidates are so close within the margin of error that a clear winner is not seen in most polls.

The Huffington Post Pollster is calling the race 72.7% in favor of Deal. Carter is less experienced, though political royalty, and Deal is the incumbent candidate, which might be driving his chances.

Iowa Senate ­ Ernst vs. Braley

With 70 days from election day, USA Today reported this as a deadlock race.

Well, 48 days from election day and the number looks just about the same, if not even closer at this point.

Bruce Braley has inched away from Joni Ernst in the numbers, but the margin is too close to call and is very well within error.

This is decidedly, if not the closest, one of the closest races not only for the senate, but also for the government, in the upcoming midterms. The Huffington Post Pollster is calling the race at a 52.8% for Braley.

Minnesota Governor ­ Johnson vs. Dayton

The Minnesota Gubernatorial race is starting to look better and better for Governor Mark Dayton, who has very recently gained a bit of a headstart from the GOP challenger Johnson.

But as the StarTribune reports, one in five voters have yet to pick a candidate.

This means that the favorable numbers for Dayton can mean very little on Election Day. Under Dayton, Minnesota has legalized gay marriage and marijuana, and has increased minimum wage.

Dayton is popular in the state, particularly after his move to increase spending in public education after a particularly high tax increase, but Johnson still poses a serious threat to the Governor.

Arizona Governor ­ Ducey vs. DuVal

This governors’ race, interestingly enough, has the two main candidates either tied or a point from each other.
But the surprise comes from the fact that a third-party candidate, Barry Hess, at this point is taking in about 9.1% of the vote.

Many are calling the state in red rather than blue, but there is very little confidence coming from poll numbers.

Ducey is popular with the conservatives in the state, but DuVal seems to pull in more votes from the undecided or centrist voters in the state, who see Ducey as more of a Tea Party candidate than a Republican.

New Hampshire Senate ­ Brown vs. Shaheen

This Senate race is quite literally something of another world.

Not only did Scott Brown, former Massachusetts State Senator, cross state lines in the hopes of re­election, it seems like his far-fetched dream could come true after all.

After a surprising, and interest-group-money-filled, primary win, Brown is taking on incumbent Shaheen. The fact that Brown is only some three or five points behind Shaheen in most polls is disconcerting, especially considering her long history as a public servant for the state.

Most news sources are already calling the race for Shaheen, but an upset on Election Day would not be surprising.

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