Safe havens from city life

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Christine Gronberg
Staff Writer

Living in the middle of a city has its charms, like having three Starbucks within walking distance. But the downsides can include risking your life every time you cross the street. Escape the hustle and bustle of Boston by visiting the beautiful parks nearby. Only a short distance from Simmons, we have The Muddy River running through The Emerald Necklace. Walk over the stone bridge on Riverway and down the steps and suddenly you are in another world, a world with trees and shade, ducks and geese, water reflecting the greenery and a dirt path for runners, walkers or mosiers, like me, just out for a stroll. Evans Park sits right in between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This quiet little patch of grass, with some benches and scattered trees, is a hangout spot where Frisbee games and slack-liners are  a common sight; just watch out for the gaggles of geese that hang around too. If you are in the mood for flowers, check out the Victory Gardens off of Boylston. Here, creativity runs wild; each plot of land has its own personality. A few other parks around include Amory Playground (though there is no actual playground, there are tennis courts and a wide open field perfect for sports or sunbathing), The Fens, James P. Kelleher Rose Garden, and Hall’s Pond Sanctuary.

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