‘Strong roots’ recognized at Founder’s Day party

By Ellen Garnett
Staff Writer


Junior Emily Singer urged students and faculty to take the time to appreciate the past, present and future of Simmons in her winning essay on Founder’s Day.

Festivities included the signing of a grand birthday card for John Simmons, the presentation of speeches, the hanging of the Class of 2017 banner, a toast to the founder, and cake-eating. The community came together in celebration of one man.

“Happy birthday! If only you could see what good you’ve done for women,” read one comment on John Simmons’ birthday card.

Singer’s essay, chosen out of 20 other essays, focused on just this.

“We can do more than aim for independent livelihoods,” said Singer.

In her essay, Singer thanked John Simmons for providing women with a “launching pad” for life. She acknowledged Simmons as a place not only for job skills, but also for life skills.

“I love this school because it recognizes the past without idealizing it,” Singer said.

Singer’s winning essay granted her the $1,000 prize.

School of Social Work Associate Professor of Practice Denise Hildreth and President Helen Drinan also spoke at the ceremony.

“This is also an opportunity to reflect on our history and be thankful for our founder John Simmons,” said Hildreth. “Thank you for using your privilege as a man and your financial resources to make this happen.”

Hildreth also spoke of the freedom women can achieve through an education at Simmons, in which Singer further reminded the community.

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