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Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes

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By Margaret Teague
Staff Writer

Cute, quaint, and close to campus, Neighborhoods, best known for its creative crepes and authentic atmosphere, is located on 96 Peterborough St. That means the only thing separating you, most likely at the Beatley Library, and those scrumptious, 21 different flavors of crepe, is a stress-less five-minute stroll with a friend. Hungry yet?

You’re probably wondering what could possibly separate this coffee shop from the seemingly hundreds of other charming coffee nooks covering our city.

Besides the impressive stack of board games piled high near the baked goods, the first way Neighborhoods stands out is that each month this authentic coffee shop supports a different, local, non-profit organization by featuring its  products in the café. The monthly organization’s name is always presented under “Entrepreneur of the Month.”

“Goods are sold for people who are just getting started,” said a store manager.

Recently supported organizations include “Because Water,” and “Operation PEACE (Boston),” (Partners in Education And Community Enrichment.)
The second way Neighborhoods has differentiated itself is by selling George Howell Direct Trade Coffee. George Howell conducts relations between Neighborhoods and the Monte Carlos Estate in El Salvador, as he heads a new program educating farmers working at the estate on proper cultivation.
Howell protects the people working in ensuring that their work will not be taken advantage of. The coffee comes directly from a single farm at the Monte Carlos Estate.

In addition to El Salvador, Neighborhood’s house coffee also comes from the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rice. It is fair trade.

Care for some crepes? There are nearly 20 different crepe options for you to choose from, and those do not include the “Make Your Own” options. The crepes are divided into two categories, Savory and Sweet.

For breakfast, egg-based crepes are often served alongside turkey, bacon, cheese and veggies. Egg crepes are only served before 10 a.m.

Neighborhoods offers the most diverse crepe population in the area. All of the Savory Crepes, being plant, fruit, and vegetable- based, are all healthy options.

Glazed walnuts, dried cranberries, and honey…mozzarella, free-range chicken, and pesto…hummus, feta, and fresh basil.

“Rumble, rumble” goes my stomach.

Although a serious tone now lingers in the air, business has yet to be conducted, as the Sweet Crepes have yet to be discussed. Allow me to enlighten you, starting with  the nearly sensual experience of a friend who indulged in the S’more Crepe, a Ricotta filled crepe with Ghiradelli chocolate syrup.

“When I close my eyes, I see a campfire as I spoon feed my mouth with sweet deliciousness…not too sweet, just sweet enough,” said senior nursing student Spenser Bowers.

“Strawberry Shortcake, Ricotta Romanza, Lemon and Sugar,” are a few options on the menu. Though I cannot presume that you will have the same life-halting experience as my friend, I do encourage my fellow Simmons shark, alongside myself, to go to Neighborhoods.

From the café’s red and white checkered curtains and small square tables to their fair trade treats, Neighborhoods stands out in our city and is worth supporting. If you want to help local and global affairs, support Neighborhoods, because that is the kind of work they are doing.

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Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes